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What Our Members are saying about the

Salisbury Cruise Club

Although it has been a while since we solicited comments from our members, we sincerely appreciate the continued support of our members which is demonstrated by their regular registration for our future cruises and tours, which often sell out within days of their announcement.  We also appreciate that our members help to spread the word about the Salisbury Cruise Club to their friends and family and encourage them to join us as well.  Given the way that everyone in the club supports each other on our cruises and beyond, we fondly think of our members as family.  Our family has room to grow, so we welcome you to join the Salisbury Cruise Club family.

Below are a few of the comments that we've received from past passengers on our Salisbury Cruise Club cruises.  If you'd like to add your comments, please send me an email and mark it "Testimonial" in the subject line.  Thanks!

Comments from our Greek Isles Cruise - October, 2023

  • Thanks to you, Tracy, Collen and Sal. We are so thankful for all you and your team did to make our cruise and all the Greek Isle excursions memorable.  We were especially impressed with how kind and reassuring Tracy was with Ms. Collins when her luggage did not arrive at the luggage carousel.
    And when Charlie and Katrina didn't make it back to the bus in time Collen did not hesitate to volunteer to stay behind and to shepherd them back to our fold.  We very much enjoyed Sal too. We really got to know him very well since we were almost always the last to get on the bus. Sal was always there helping us through all the winding, up and down paths of of Greek Villages that gave us the true flavor of Greek life.  We know we are in good hands when we travel with you and your team. We will not hesitate to recommend Salisbury Cruise Club and you to all our friends.   Chris and John Leo - Salisbury, MD

Comments from our Rhine River Cruise - July, 2023

  • I just wanted to tell you that April and I had the time of our lives on this cruise!  We weren’t sure quite what to expect never having been on a river cruise nor a Salisbury Cruise Club trip but everything exceeded our best expectations.  Your attention to detail ensuring everything was always covered was great.  Topping it off was the fact that we not only caught up with a few old acquaintances but we made many more new friends.  We can’t wait to see what future trips are available!  Thanks again for making this a fantastic experience.  Best, Rick Knapp and April Devlin - Salisbury, MD

Comments from our Alaska Cruise

  • My husband, Stanley, thought the trip to Alaska was wonderful.  You did a superb job.  He has always said that he did not want to go on a cruise - now he says he will go on a cruise if you are leading it!!!  Thanks for a wonderful time of seeing Alaska first class and every detail was attended to perfectly.  We were so impressed with your planning and execution.  We will definitely be interested in your future adventures.  Thanks again for such a great trip.  We enjoyed every minute of it. - Norma and Stanley Spencer - Cheriton, VA

  • Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed Alaska.  You did a great job.  I'm telling everyone you "special-ordered" the whale watch at our Happy Hour.  How cool was that!  You do a great job and you have a wonderful family.  I think everyone enjoyed the trip.  Oh, thanks for the breakfast coming home.  You crossed all your t's and dotted all your i's.  Ev and Del Evans - Ocean Pines, MD

  • You did a tremendous job of orchestrating the whole trip from the very first meeting until the end of the trip.  You made everything so easy for us.  We were all well taken care of.  We will recommend you (Salisbury Cruise Club) to anyone who is interested in traveling with a group.  Betty and Tom Copp - Ocean Pines, MD

  • Since returning from the cruise, we have been sharing the experience with family and friends.  We realize even more what a grand trip we had.  Dick and I know that things went so well because of you and all of your hard work.  Even through some of the "rough" spots, your organization and thoughtfulness made things better.  We are very grateful for having had the opportunity to share Alaska with you and yours.  Dick and Kathy Walker - Snow Hill, MD

Comments from our Easter Week Southern Caribbean Cruise

  • I don't know where to begin.  We had such a wonderful time on the cruise.  I believe that Bert, the kids and I are all hooked on cruising now.  We are still on a cruise high and can't wait for the next opportunity.  My hat is off to you.  You did a spectacular job coordinating all of the excursions and getting everyone where they needed to be, when they needed to be there.  Our rooms were in a great location on the boat, and our dinner table location was outstanding!  The sailing was smooth and the weather was magnificent (take the credit).  We could not have imagined it would be so much fun, exciting and beautiful.  Our thanks to you and Tracy for providing a truly memorable spring break cruise. - Pat, Bert, JT and Jesse Grill - South Elgin, IL

  • A Great Big Thank You for doing such a wonderful job shepherding, pushing, prodding, protecting us all on the Southern Caribbean junket.  I'm sure you and Tracy must have been exhausted when it was over - but there had to be a lot of satisfaction for bringing everybody home safely.  Your boys were a delight, in spite of the gray hairs they must have given you, but you'll have lots of wonderful memories of these adventures - and the exposure they have had to different cultures and foods and areas will last them a lifetime.  This is wealth more valuable than money. - Chick and Sally Blizzard - Trappe, MD 

Comments after Mediterranean Cruise
(Hosted by Kelly and Tracy Shannahan and Sal and Colleen Chavez)

  • I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did for the Mediterranean Cruise.  I have been on many cruises and I must say this was the most organized trip I have ever been on.  You did better with the shore excursions then what the ships do.  Also, can't forget Tracy, Sal and Colleen.  I can't stop talking about everything you guys did.  Quite frankly, don't know how you did it.  I can't imagine all the preparation that went into securing the shore excursions, buses, lunches, etc.  If anyone would ask me about going on a cruise, I would surely recommend Salisbury Cruise Club.  - Judy Mays - Baltimore, MD

  • Thank you for making our Mediterranean Cruise absolutely amazing and a vacation we will cherish for our lifetime.  From the vineyards of France, to the Italian ruins, to the different culture that was Tunisia - we loved every moment!  We appreciate all of the time and effort it took to plan the trip. We look forward to many happy times together. - Dr. Alex and Leann Mah - Salisbury, MD

  • Where do I begin . . . ?  Thank you for a truly fantastic trip.  You both managed an amazingly complex and organized trip with the appearance of ease and great confidence!  It was exhausting, but smoothly executed - a real accomplishment for such a large group!  I also want to thank you both for all of your special help in making sure I was able to keep up with the group on our land tours - it meant a lot to know you were watching out for each of us.  I especially appreciate your help at Pompeii.  It's been great to get acquainted with both of you and I look forward to future connections! - Phyllis Meyer - Salisbury, MD

  • Just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to Kelly, Tracy, Sal and Colleen.  Your organization/people skills were certainly tested during this adventure . . . you passed with flying colors!  Mom and I enjoyed meeting you and getting to know so many wonderful people.  When I share all we did with my friends, they cannot believe what a full schedule we had and how much we got to see and do.  - Lynn Krall - Ocean Pines, MD

  • Everything about your service has been above the standard.  You go the extra mile for us and we appreciate your efforts.  Thank you for all you have done for us as well as everyone in the group.  - Tom and Marie Hammond - Bishopville, MD - October 2008

  • Thank you for such a great cruise.  We now have a better understanding of just how much work you both put in to making this trip so great.  Just wanted you to know we appreciated it.  Paul Mazzei and Barbara Van Sack - Berlin, MD

  • I have nothing but good memories of our trip . . . a great adventure.  I have to tell you that I was not thrilled about wearing a red tee shirt.  BUT . . . there were a couple of times that I was so happy to see some red tee shirts that it will be a favorite from now on.  You, Tracy, Sal and Colleen are remarkable people.  I feel blessed that I met you all.  Thank you for your hard work.  Cathy Kirchner - Ocean Pines, MD

  • Thank you for doing such a terrific job on our trip.  You certainly kept your cool during all the difficulties experienced.  It was wonderful how US Air took responsibility for the problems on board the airplane.  Actually I think it was a great ending.  We had beautiful rooms (during our unanticipated stop in Madrid) and the buffets were great.  We also got to meet people we wouldn't have otherwise.  Sal and Colleen were delightful and kept us all going in the right direction.  It was quite a logistic job that you undertook but everything worked out well.  Thanks again for a delightful trip and all the work you and Tracy did.  Betty Sparling - Reston, Virginia

  • Bill and I are still talking about the great job you, Tracy, Sal and Colleen did keeping all of us cruisers organized and on track.  You were so organized and calm, even in the midst of circumstances that would have confounded most.  I can't imagine what you told US Air for them to offer $200 vouchers to each of us.  Whatever it was, thank you.  It isn't very often that businesses acknowledge customers' inconvenience and then compensates them in such a generous way.  Again, thank you for all of your hard work.  We look forward to joining you on cruises in the future. - Trudy and Bill Day - Salisbury, MD

Editor's Note - the next two comments are from friends we made on our flight home which was re-routed for toilet repairs which delayed our arrival in Philadelphia by one day.  It was a stressful time, but our group just smiled and made the best of it.  You know what they say, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  However, in honor of our stop in Naples, we made Limoncello. - Kelly Shannahan - Salisbury, MD


  • We were so fortunate you helped everyone on the flight from Barcelona to Philadelphia.  You will always be remembered as our "Guardian Angel".  Thanks again and God's blessings always. - Margaret, Arnold, Erike and Alfons Ruppe - Cleveland, Ohio

  • We appreciate your being our "adopted" tour guide on the flight from Barcelona, via Madrid, to Philadelphia.  Thank you for your generous support and nature in getting us all where we were supposed to be . . .  Karen Nagel and Peter Sohier - Simcoe, Ontario, Canada


Comments after Southern Caribbean Cruise on Norwegian Gem


  • I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our cruise, meeting and spending time with such a nice group of people.  We are still not "over it" as regards to the cruise.  Tiger says that other than the birth of his children, it was the best time of his life.  We simply had a blast and can't say enough great things about our hosts Kelly and Tracy Shannahan and the entire experience.  We hope to go again with this great club. - Diane and Tiger Litchford - Delmar, DE

  • The following comments are offered with sincerity and pleasure in having experienced a "Kelly" cruise:  1.  The way you planned and carried out the details of the cruise was outstanding.  Conditions permitting, we would take a Kelly cruise anytime.  2.  Bus transportation to the ship and return sure beats air travel - Winston and Mary Sibert - Salisbury, MD

  • I have absolutely nothing to say but good things.  I enjoyed every second of the cruise.  I don't even know where to start to express the joy I had on this cruise.  Everything on the ship was excellent (the food, the crew, activities, the dinners together . . . everything); and everything at each port was excellent (beautiful scenery, beautiful people, sales of course and the excursions).  I look forward to cruising with the Salisbury Cruise Club again and again (as long as I don't have to fly).  I am spreading the word to everyone I know about cruising with the Salisbury Cruise Club.  Kelly and Tracy Shannahan did an excellent job in planning, etc.  Thank you for telling me about this trip. - Diane Downing - Pocomoke City, MD


Comments after Hawaii Cruise

  • Just a note thanking you for the wonderful Hawaiian cruise 2007.  As usual, the trip and cruise were perfectly organized and we can't imagine a better way to see the islands.  I think the best part of the Salisbury Cruise Club (SCC) experience is your planned excursions.  Your attention to detail, and lower cost make them exceptional, and I prefer them over the ship's tours.  Looking forward to Gem cruise - Clay and Donna Thompson (five time SCC cruisers and counting) - Salisbury, MD

  • Thank you for making our Hawaiian cruise a wonderful experience.  Your attention to detail, diligence and constant attention to the needs of the cruisers, both before, during and post-cruise, made the trip to Hawaii that wonderful experience.  Thank you for making our cruise such a success and providing us with a memory package (photos and video).  We recommend Salisbury Cruise Club to all that are interested in cruising.  We definitely got more than our monies worth! – Jerry and Ann Gieseke – Salisbury, MD

  • Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated everything you did to make our Hawaii Trip so wonderful.  All of the excursions were excellent, and very well planned.  The video and pictures were a real bonus, and I really enjoyed re-living the vacation while watching the film.  You are an exceptional Tour Guide.  Having been on other group trips to Europe, as well as other cruises; I can say from experience that you are “one in a million”.  I hope to travel with you again – Carol Mehrling – Ocean Pines, MD

  • Many thanks for the DVD, pictures, etc. from our cruise to Hawaii.  And thanks also to you for making our very first cruise so special – full of many wonderful memories!!  Your expert planning made it so easy for us to enjoy everything!  We appreciate all you did.  Thanks again – Joan and Art Binz – Green Cove Springs, FL

  • Larry and I just received the package with your DVD and the CD of photos from several people on the cruise.  We sat down with a cup (several cups actually) of coffee and enjoyed the cruise once more from our couch--what fun and what good memories!  You had everything organized so efficiently which made it easy for us to just enjoy what the islands have to offer.  You did a wonderful job with the video and your musical selections added just the right touch.  Our only regret is that we "chickened out" on the whale watching.  Being such land lubbers, we didn't want a repeat of what happened the day before when we took the catamaran along the Na Pali Coast of Kauai.  But did we ever miss out.  Thanks for sharing the beautiful shots of the whales with us.  However, we were happy we did get to see the momma whale and her baby on the catamaran excursion--and the lively spinner dolphins.  Isn't God good to have created such magnificent beauty on the land and in the sky and water!  This trip was definitely a highlight of 2007!  Our thanks to both you and Tom Caine (co-host)! – Karen and Larry Pickering – Pueblo, CO 

  • I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip (Hawaii Cruise and Tour 2007) and how much fun it is to recount the good memories.  That’s due largely to your administrative gift doubled with your caring for the needs of everyone.  Mahalo! – Pat and Marvin Detwiler – Pocomoke City, MD

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful tour of Hawaii.  I have waited for 30 years to see the Hawaiian Islands and I was not disappointed.  The tour was planned for everyone to enjoy what they wanted to see and do.  Thanks again for an unforgettable memory – Gloria Wells – Ocean Pines, MD

  • John and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip and what a SUPERB job you did.  All your advanced planning and meetings and communications certainly paid off.  You were always so responsive when we e-mailed you and addressed all of our concerns and questions.  You’re an ideal Cruise Director.  You have such a positive attitude and are great in dealing with all sorts of problems and people and seem to be having a great time yourself!!!  - Joanne and John Massey (first time cruisers) – Salisbury, MD

Comments after Alaska Cruise - July 2005 

  • Vonnie and I want to thank you and Tracy for the wonderful job you both did for all of us on the 2005 Alaskan Cruise.  I know how difficult it is to contend with the various individuals and our diverse “needs”.  You both did it with style, grace and good humor! – Curt and Vonnie Williams – Salisbury, MD

  • Diane and I would very much like to be with the group going to Hawaii in January 2007, however we have a few things in progress that makes us unavailable.  We were there in 2003 with you and the Cruise Club and we will never forget the experience.  Your leadership and the handling of all aspects of traveling with the club is remarkable.  Young and Old are a great mix.  We have been a part of the Cruise Club Team for approximately 6 years and it has been wonderful for my retirement.  The places we have visited were remarkable – Food, Ports of Call, Entertainment – due all or in part to your talent in managing the Salisbury Cruise Club.  Diane and I are looking forward to future cruises with the Salisbury Cruise Club.  Again, thanks for the memories we have shared and those we look forward to in the upcoming years.  Keep up the excellent programming and Hard Work that makes the Salisbury Cruise Club the BEST – Earl and Diane Charnick – Salisbury, MD

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